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Women in Agriculture Union WAU was established in September 2019 to operate as the umbrella/apex board for Zimbabwe women farmers and in the space of 3 months WAU had gained a membership of more than 1000 and still counting through its nationwide drive of free field schooling for women farmers.


WAU is a consortium of women from various agrarian organizations who realized the need to unite and have an apex/umbrella body to identify gender gaps and disparities in the agriculture sector. WAU aims to reach and coordinate thousands of Zimbabwe women farmers by December year 2020, for this goal to be achieved there is need for WAU to partner with other players in the agrarian sector. Your organisation is an important player in the agriculture sector and as an apex/umbrella union we have a lot to gain as well as to give to the linkages that come with collaborating our works.

As an umbrella union WAU’s roles for women in the agriculture value chain include.....

• Providing free membership and free access to agriculture trainings

• Researches and offers practical solutions for agriculture challenges

• Facilitates and offer guarantor service for women farmers loans

• Assesses and monitors women farmers projects for loan evaluation or market evaluation

• Research and promote climate smart agriculture

• Lobby and advocacy for equity and equality in agriculture

• Facilitate and secure partnership that benefit women farmers in the whole agrarian value chain

• Produce a detailed women farmers database that represent women farmers in Zimbabwe

• Farmer profiling

• Promoting agro-tourism


In order to ensure women farmers learn good agronomic practises (GAPs) and access good seed variety WAU partners with local seed houses in field schooling women farmers. In order to ensure women access finance to purchase seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and other inputs WAU partnered with Red Sphere CBZ and currently are working on loans for farmers. In order to address climate change challenges and aid women to farm, WAU is working on an affordable scheme that will see women farmers acquire irrigation centre pivots in clusters. However for all this to succeed WAU needs to have an efficient administration system. Putting in place operational systems that run the day to day works of WAU is proving to be cumbersome with the current situation of our nation.

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