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KLEIN KAROO Seed Marketing is a seed company that offers a wide seed product range comprising vegetable, pastures and agronomic crops.
Diploma in Agriculture HND Horticulture
Agricultural Product Packaging, Food Packaging, Geotechnical Engineering, Daily Necessities, Special Woven Bags
Soil sampling and testing provides an estimate of the capacity of the soil to supply adequate nutrients to meet the needs of growing crops. The purpose of soil testing in high-yield farming is to determine the relative ability of a soil to supply crop nutrients during a particular growing season,
Promotion of production and marketing of pigs, artificial insemination, training, research, extension, genetic improvement
Agriculture insurance
Founded in 1947, Minerva has a long history of providing innovative and effective risk and people solutions, through industry-leading resources, and technical expertise. Minerva delivers distinctive client value through a strong culture of innovation, teamwork and integrity.
The Grain Marketing Board, the country’s leading grain trade and Marketing Company was established under the Maize Control Act of 1931.
Pedigree livestock - also known as stud animals - are the seed stock of the livestock industry and is the basis of stud breeding.
Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Industrial chemicals, Safety wear, Fumigation services

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