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Wednesday, 17 November 2021 07:28

November 2021


The Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development has released a securitized A2 Model Settlement Permit which replaces the old offer letter. The new Permit has the following six distinctive features:

  1. System Generated Permit Number
  2. Fidelity Serial Number with Special Reflective Ink
  3. Reactive Underground Micro-text
  4. Invisible Fluorescent National Coat of Arms
  5. Hologram Seal
  6. System Generated Internal Serial

"Holders of legitimate Old Offer Letters will be advised in due course where and when to collect their new Permits. Meanwhile, Old Offer Letters remain valid" said Dr Masuka, of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, in a statement.






Fases de Criação do Frango de Granja e Cuidados Importantes

Birth defects

✍Chicks have birth defects just like humans and some chicks are hatched with defects. They may have a crooked leg or a crossed beak or be very small or weak or have something wrong internally.

✍The hatcheries try to remove these chicks when they hatch but not all birth defects are visible and some are missed in the sorting process. This is one reason why there are normally 2 extra chicks in a box.

✍ If you have one or two chicks that die in the first day or two or are just not right, do not worry too much about it. If the number is high there may be a hatchery problem and you should report to the agent and the supplier and get a vet to diagnose but a few deaths is not an issue.

Ascites or Waterbelly

✍This problem usually appears around 4-5 weeks of age particularly in broilers. It’s very common July and August. The chicken may start gasping for air and the skin turns blue and it dies with a lot of water in the abdomen. 

✍The cause of this is poor brooding. Not enough ventilation or too much heat or too little heat. As a result, the heart and lungs do not develop well and when the bird starts to grow fast the heart and lungs cannot sustain the body size and it dies. There is no cure. Prevention is to sort out your brooding management.

Flip over or heart failure

✍This usually occurs around 5 weeks in broilers especially in hot weather. The biggest healthiest looking birds die suddenly with no previous sign of sickness. They actually flip over and die on their backs. These deaths are actually heart failure due the body having outgrown the heart ability to sustain it.

✍The prevention is to withdraw feed on one day preferably in the afternoon for four hours. Usually this will solve the problem but if any further cases repeat feed withdrawal for one more day.

Dishonest Employee Disease

✍This is one that occurs where employees are allowed to take dead chickens home to eat and the number of deaths mysteriously climbs for no obvious reason. Usually only affects big chickens. Diagnosis is usually only possible by changing shifts around or doing the work yourself on a weekend or holiday. If no deaths occur the days when you are there then you may need to replace the employee or change the policy or both.

By Ruth Henson

Tuesday, 02 November 2021 13:29

Estimating age in cattle

Wednesday, 20 October 2021 07:24

October 2021







Monday, 27 September 2021 11:03

Zimbabwe Agricultural Show kicks off tomorrow

 Agric Show to hold unique exhibition | The Herald

All is set for the annual Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, which starts tomorrow, allowing exhibitors enough time to finish preparations.

This was confirmed by Dr A E Matibhiri, CEO, ZAS, during a press conference held today at ZAS. 

This year a state of the art, vibrant and interactive Virtual Platform will be accessible to visitors and exhibitors across the continent and around the world on

ZAS will reward 100 farmers under their Agri-produce Section all drawn from ward level and the overall winner will walk away with a borehole drilling, solar and water pump installation, 5 000 litre tank and drip irrigation complete set up.

50 500 square metres of exhibition space has already been taken, compared to 40 200 square metres from 2020. 

“The official opening is planned for Thursday 30 September 2021, and arrangements have been made to ensure that this is a high profile event,” said Dr Matibiri.

This year's show is open to the public with WHO and Ministry of Heatlh COVID-19 protocols being strictly observed.


Thursday, 16 September 2021 19:54

September 2021






Monday, 13 September 2021 14:28

Watermelon Production Guide 1 Hectare

 Agric Show to hold unique exhibition | The Herald

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Society has confirmed dates for the 2021 Agricultural Show. The 111th edition will be held from 27 September to 1 October under the theme, “Synergies for Growth – Cooperate. Collaborate. Complement” to rally support for agriculture and its value chains for increased “production, productivity and profitability”.

This was confirmed by ZAS Chief Executive Dr. Andrew Matibiri during a press conference. The show will be held in strict adherence to Covid-19 health protocols.

“All exhibitors to the show require to have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or else they will be required to produce a COVID-19 test certificate from a test taken no later than 48 hours before the start of the show.” he said. 

Visitors will get free COVID-19 tests on booths placed outside the park. Contactless body temperature checks will be conducted on all entrants at every gate. All gates will be equipped with walk-in sanitizer booths. 

Dr Matibiri said all entrants will be required to properly wear masks, maintain 1 metre social distancing, and frequently wash and sanitize hands. Signs encouraging adherence will be placed throughout the park. 

The numbers of people allowed into each hall will be monitored and controlled. Park grounds, roads and halls will be disinfected before the start of the show. Al roads and exhibition halls will be disinfected after the show. Drone surveillance will be used to monitor and manage crowds to ensure strict adherence to COVID 19 protocols. 

Motor vehicle movement will not be allowed in the park during the show. 

“The highlights of the show will include; an exhibition in the Mining Agri Village which will demonstrate the strong synergies between mining and the agriculture sector. The village is vibrant this year on the back of a good agricultural season and strong growth in mining due to firmer commodity prices. The Annual National Agribusiness Conference will be held on Wednesday, 29 September. The Show will be available on virtual platforms.” 

The Zimbabwe Agricultural society is inviting sll previous and potential exhibitors to take part at this year’s show. 


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